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Advantages of Ski Pass Plus+

+ Save on prices 

The Ski Pass Plus+ offers you the chance to ski more economically. You will pay according to the days you actually ski, and we will reward you for coming to Grandvalira by applying a 15% daily discount on the price of the day ski pass at the ticket office and after your second day’s skiing. 

The first day of skiing with your Ski Pass Plus+ in the 3 resorts will always be charged 100% of the ski pass price (according to the ticket office price of each of the resorts). From the second day of skiing at the resort you have already skied at, you will receive a 15% discount on the ski pass price (RRP).

For example, if your first day of skiing with Ski Pass Plus+ is in Grandvalira, you will pay 100% of the ski pass price. From the second day in Grandvalira, the discount will be applied automatically. It works in the same way in the rest of the resorts: first day of skiing in Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalis, the full ski pass price will be charged. From the second day at each of the resorts, the 15% discount will be applied. 

Important: to receive the 15% discount from the second day’s skiing you need to have skied for one day paying 100% of the day pass price at the same resort.


+ Save time

You can only purchase your Ski Pass Plus+ online, after which you can pick up the physical pass at the ticket office. Once you have obtained your pass, you can ski every day throughout the season without having to go to the ticket office again.

We will charge automatically the cost of each day’s skiing to the credit card you indicate during the online purchasing process, applying all the discounts you accumulate.


+ Monitor your consumption

By just entering your details and password on the Forfait Plus+ website, you can check your consumption and see how much you save by using the Ski Pass Plus+ each week. Extra information will also be provided daily, such as the accumulated kilometres skied in your skiing days.


+ Benefits at the resort

With your Ski Pass Plus+ you can enjoy 5% in some Grandvalira, Pal Arinsal, Ordino Arcalis resort services. Check with the establishment for the application of the discount at the time of payment of the service. It is necessary to present the Forfait Plus+.


+ Family discounts

If you purchase the Ski Pass Plus+ for the whole family, you will also enjoy a cumulative discount as long as all family members ski on the same day.